Choosing Your Location

Indoor & Outdoor Sessions. Location is important.

Choosing the location for your session can be one of the hardest parts about the process but I am here to help you out. We can chat about what type of session you are having and what vibe you are going for. I personally adore outdoor sessions & love to photograph in grassy, open fields or the beach. I also love the vibe of the untraditional like taking pictures at a skate park or in a parking garage. Sometimes the best option is in the comfort of your own home documenting the place you constantly are making memories in. I am down for anything to make our visions come to life! The possibilities are endless, so maybe this time you go with one thing but next year you go with another. It never hurts to try out a new location or go back to your roots and stick to what you know you like. I have listed below some of my go to spots and session types. Anything within 30 minutes for photographer does not have a travel fee. Anything over that will have a travel fee added onto package.


The beach is great for all types of sessions. My favorite NWI beach is Portage Lake Front. It offers not only the sand & water photos but has amazing large rocks as well as grassy fields. This is one of my go to locations and the photos offer a diverse scenery.

Grassy Field

A staple of mine is a tall grassy field whether its spring, summer or fall. This works for all session types as well. It offers a great pop of color with the golden greens from the grass. This location offers great versatility of possible poses.

My go to is Buckley Homestead & Oak Ridge Prairie.


This location is extra fun with couples but families or solos works great too. The opportunity to use cool brick walls, streets and alleyways is a fun photoshoot. My go to is Downtown Crown Point but downtown Valpo has some of the best alleyways.

Parking Garage

Not your traditional location but such a fun unique one. This is best for couples and small families in my opinion. The closest parking garage is in Valpo but some of my favorite parking garages are in Southbend & Elkhart. The possibilities are endless.

Skate Park

Alright one of my favorite locations because of the vibe is a skate park. I love this for allllll types of sessions. My favorite skatepark close to home is Gates of St.Johns but I also liked Lake Stations Skatepark. The poses you can do with skateboards and the ramps is so cool.


Who doesn't love plants? This location works for all session types too. The pop of colors you get from the plants is a nice touch and the space provides ample opportunities for great posing/prompts.


A comfortable location could be a park with trees and open fields. This works for all session types as well. It gives open space for the candid moments and room for movement. My go to parks are Buckley Homestead, Oak Ridge Prairie, Big Maple Lake & Deep River in Hobart.


One of the best locations is in the comfort of your home. This can be easy going on your children and allows you to document your life in the place you call home. These are more candid lifestyle. I like to stick to living rooms, kitchens & bedrooms but the possibilities are endless depending on your home.