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I capture the in-between moments

I am Alyssa, owner & photographer of Alyssa Evelyn Photography. I am a Northwest Indiana based photographer specializing in couples, small families & maternity. I have a strong love for outdoor photography, so lets run around a grassy field together, splash around at the beach, or dance around while the sun sets. I want your session to be unforgettable and completely comfortable. Having a cohesive portfolio is very important to my brand, so I focus on all things neutral, earth tone, & boho.

Meet the Photographer

What I offer:

I have a strong love for couples photography. Whether its an engagement or just to document your love story, I am so down. I also have a passion for small families and maternity. Being a mother myself I know how important the little moments are. Nothing is more beautiful than a glowing momma growing her new life inside her.

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Lately I have had a spark in creativity and creative solos have stolen my heart. I'll forever cherish lifestyle newborn sessions and cannot wait to do more. Adding a new life into your family in the comfort of your home is precious. Every once in a while I do something a little different and do boudoir.

Creative Solo

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Capturing light, feelings & moments and all the things in between.

this time with your littles is so important

Why hire me as your family Photographer?

These moments slip away beneath our fingertips. We get distracted by every day life and once we have a second to breath, these little humans we have created are not so little anymore. Those little hands arent reaching for yours like they used to, those little feet aren't running barefoot in the field. Those little giggles are gone. As a mom myself I know this all too well. I am here to capture your family just being you, your authentic self, no pressure. I am here to document the big & little moments, ALL the in-between.

Your love story deserves to be captured too!

Why Hire me as your couples photographer?

If you know anything about me, it is that I am a hopeless romantic. If you are here you probably are too. There is nothing better than LOVE. I want to help you capture your authentic love story by spending the evening together and prompting you to get all the real moments. Having you look into your loved ones eyes and remembering that spark that still exists. These are photos not only for you to cherish but for you to show your children one day how strong of a love you two had in every stage of your life. I want this to feel like a date night and I am the third wheel, having fun and non-stop laughing together. I welcome ALL kinds of love!

Time goes by way too fast. Don't let these moments slip away. Your mind can get blurry with time. Yet your photos will always be there, passed down and never forgotten.