Hey guys!

I am Alyssa, owner & photographer of Alyssa Evelyn Photography. I am a Northwest Indiana based photographer specializing in couples, small families & newborn. I have a strong love for outdoor photography, especially grassy fields. Architecture inspires me, so whenever I see a good brick wall or a cool door frame, I immediately think of all the possibilities. Having a cohesive portfolio is very important to my brand, so I focus on all things neutral, earthtone, & boho. I started photography to finally do something for myself outside of being a mother. Capturing moments of my boys made me realize I wanted to capture moments like those for others. I am completely self taught, but have my BFA in Fashion Design & have always found myself in many creative fields. I have a strong love for couples photography, as well as families & newborns. I can't wait to continue capturing some of yalls love stories & everything in-between.

"If you wont invest in yourself then who will?"