Hello, Alyssa Here. Welcome!

I am Alyssa Evelyn Photography!

I am a Northwest Indiana lifestyle photographer, avid thrifter, DIY enthusiast, music junkie and a momma to two beautiful boys. I love to venture outdoors and involve nature in my shoots every chance I get. If it involves grassy fields, plants or brick I am in! While I focus on family, couples & motherhood I love capturing everything in-between. I want my pictures to have the perfect amount of warmth so every session is captured with a moody saturated feel. I'm a sucker for neutrals as well as pops of rust, yellows, and greens.

I started photography because I realized I really loved capturing moments in my own life so I wanted to capture those moments for other people too. I had no idea my photography would take off like it has, given I just started at the beginning of this year but it's a journey I am blessed to continue. I can't wait to keep capturing special moments for my clients and see where this takes me!

Photo Credit to: Timeless Memory Photography

"If you wont invest in yourself then who will?"